Shaheen Ahmed

Artist Researcher Maker      


Art, Climate Migration and Identity

Nov 14

6pm - 8.30pm



Climate change is not just about polar bears and trees, or something in the future. It is real, now, and about injustice, inequality, humans, and ultimately power. But are we seeing the truth and a range of narratives about the anthropocene in the arts, that are accessible to a range of audiences?


Unless we tackle the climate with an intersectional lens addressing patriarchy and race, we will fail to keep the earth habitable for us all. Artists and the creative sector are a key part of both exploring solutions and telling a range of truths to achieve climate justice.


Join Harpreet Kaur, culture and development researcher for a workshop where she (with some colleagues including Artist Shaheen Ahmed and Julie’s Bicycle) will share her ongoing research on diversity and climate change and her recent explorations of this topic in New York. This event will be of interest to artists, producers, activists, academics and anyone interested in climate change and justice but all are welcome.


Supported by Arts Council England.


BOM (Birmingham Open Media)

1 Dudley Street, Birmingham, B5 4EG